History of Dining Room Furniture

The modernist design movement started in the 19th century. Before that, furniture was made more for looking at than actually using. Pieces of furniture were complicated and ornate with little to no regard for functionality. Furniture back then was intended for appeal and design and made out of rich dark woods, expensive fabrics, and beautiful designs.  The amount of time put into making the piece determined how much is was worth. Furniture was more of an ornament than something to actually relax on. The less comfortable, the better.

With the coming of the 19th century, people discovered new and easier ways to make furniture as well as new materials that revolutionized home furniture. This started the modernist movement. Furniture went from being visually heavy to visually light and spacious. Modern furniture was about creating space and functioning pieces of furniture that could actually be used and enjoyed instead of just looked at. The focus went from complicated and ornate to functional and accessible. Instead of having heavy and dark couches that took up massive amounts of space, people started lifting chairs and couches off the ground with higher legs to make more space inside of the room. The modern style represents the present and the future instead of the past and symbolized   free thinking and independence.

Companies such as Amisco, Calligaris, Ideal Sedia, Domitalia, and Rossetto are great examples of modern design in dining room furniture.  They put a new spin on the old Victorian style and make it into something new, fun, and actually comfortable. The modern style makes it so that you can still enjoy looking at your room, while still being able to sit down and relax and actually enjoy the furniture for what it is meant to be. Instead of using gilded wood and sculpture people started using Steel, Plywood, and even plastic. New colors, shapes, and designs were used as well as opposed to the boring and neutral style that came before the modernist era. Although the modern style is starting to become a part of the past again, it still is a beautiful way to decorate a dining room space and is used by millions of people to furnish their houses.