Why is clear glass green?

So you are looking for a glass dining table or coffee table, and all you can see is a green edge? You will see this in just about every table you encounter, with a few exceptions. Most tables have this greenish tint due to the high content of iron used in the manufacturing process and is typical for furniture and other industries.  Iron acts as a lubricant so that the glass can be easily drawn along a molten layer of tin. This layer enables the glass to be smooth on both sides since there are no bumps in a liquid surface. This greenish tint is most noticeable when you look at the edges of the table tops.

…and all you can see is a green edge?

To avoid this greenish tint, some companies offer extra clear glass by adding magnesium-oxide, and lowering the iron content. This glass has all the same properties and strengths of regular clear glass, without the green. If this option is available to you, be prepared to pay more than the regular glass, as this process is a bit more to produce, but the final product is amazing.Glass

Orbital Table by Calligaris

The Orbital dining table by Calligaris Italy is a collaboration between the world famous Pininfarina Design team and the ingenious engineers at Calligaris. The Pininfarina Design house in Italy has been a leading player in automotive and industrial design. They have worked with the likes of  Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Fiat, GM, Lancia, and Maserati, In 1986 Pininfarina Extra was created to deal with interior design, architecture and graphic design.

Orbital Table by Calligaris

Calligaris has been a manufacturing powerhouse in Italy for 90 years specializing in dining room furniture. The glass top of Orbital Table is an oval that is 65 inches long and the table has two incredible leaves that extend it to 100 inches , easily seating ten. The leaves are held safely underneath the table until you desire to extend it. When you do, you simply undo the lock and you can help the leaves glide  into place with just one finger.

Pininfarina Design / Calligaris – Orbital table












There are color options to choose from such as clear or smoked grey glass or white or black lacquer frame. This unique design and ease of opening sets this table apart. These two Italian greats combined forces to create a true work of art and the Orbital table is sure to transform your dining room into a modern art museum.